My name is Ayden Férdeline, and I am a London-based Internet policy consultant whose professional interests include developing and executing strategies which support the Internet identifier needs of different stakeholders, researching changing privacy and data protection landscapes, and staying abreast of the latest cybersecurity developments.

After participating in the NextGen@ICANN programme in Dublin in 2015, I joined ICANN’s Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group, and I am currently an active participant in the Next-Generation Registration Directory Service Policy Development Process working group, which has now met face-to-face in Marrakech, Helsinki, and Hyderabad. I enjoy engaging with other stakeholders, and crafting factual and consistent messaging that articulates appropriate positions.

I moderated a workshop at the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva in May 2016 on engaging new voices in national, regional, and global Internet governance debates, and participated in the European Dialogue on Internet Governance New Media Summer School as a Fellow in June. Most recently, in December 2016, I participated in the United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Guadalajara, Mexico as part of the Internet Society’s Next Generation Leaders Ambassador Programme.

The Internet is a global contributor to social and economic growth, and it’s for this reason that I will be focusing my efforts in 2017 on widening my own participation in high-level multilateral forums where Internet governance topics are being discussed, particularly where the Internet's DNS is impacted. In addition to those events facilitated by ICANN, I hope to become more involved in OECD, IETF, and ITU efforts this year.

Please feel free to connect with me so we can talk about how I can add value to your project or organisation. The surest way to reach me is via email, Skype (aferdeline), or telephone (+44.77.8018.7421).

Thank you for taking the time to consider working with me.